Top Best Pressure washer soaps 2022

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home is a big task for everyone. To make it easier, here comes the product named Pressure washer soaps which is very much useful in cleaning your home, dirty cars or vans, cleaning your driveway, etc. It is helpful in speeding up the process of cleaning.

In some cases, even if you are cleaning your home frequently, the dirt will come back often. The problem is not with your pressure washer. So there is no use in changing the pressure washer. You have to change the detergent or soap you are using in the pressure washer.

Choosing the best pressure washer soap is quite difficult. To make it easier for you, the list of some best pressure washer soaps is discussed here. This will be helpful for you while choosing the correct product for your home that will do the job as you expected.

Best Pressure washer soaps

Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pressure Power Washer – Best Overall

Karcher pressure power washer is one of the leading brands we have on our list that will be suitable for all your household cleaning jobs. This detergent is enough to pressure wash all your household areas like the driveway, roof, sidewalk, and many other parts of your house.

It is considered to be one of the best and most efficient methods for cleaning all your outdoor areas and other equipment. Karcher is a budget-friendly product compared to other products. It offers you great service with a low budget. It works best in stone, brick, concrete, siding, and any other material you need to pressure wash.


  • It is Bio-degradable and suitable for your lawn and garden
  • Top-rated product with efficient performance
  • Comes in two different sizes.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Maybe it works best with a better pressure washer.


Krud Kutter DF01 Blue Pressure Washer Concentrate – Best Value

Krud Kutter is one of the cost-effective pressure washer soaps available on the market. It is concentrated on working on various surfaces, and that makes this a perfect choice for cleaning your outdoor areas or any other equipment.

It contains Sporex, which is a unique additive in this pressure washer that removes tough stains and restores the original finish to your surface. This is an environmentally friendly cleaner and can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Pick the right one detergent for you without much variation in price for the quantity.


  • It is affordable
  • It is non-toxic and non-inflammable
  • Environmental friendly
  • It covers a wide range of external surfaces
  • Bleach-free cleaner.


  • It needs to dwell for a while, and that will be difficult on hot or windy days.


Sun Joe SPX-APC1G All-Purpose Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX-APCIG pressure washer is specially designed for performing heavy-duty tasks. It can perform effectively and eliminates dirt from every nook and corner of your house. It will be helpful in cleaning the driveway, dirt on walls, the walkway, and the sidewalk.

It is also useful in cleaning any appliances as per your expectations. The main thing to be noted is that it is quite expensive compared to other pressure washers on this list.

Even if it comes under a high-budget product, the efficiency of this pressure washer is commendable and is a favorite for many of the users.


  • Used for performing heavy-duty tasks
  • Good for all surfaces
  • Safe for metal
  • It is bio-degradable


  • It is quite an expensive product.


Karcher Car Wash & Wax Soap for Pressure Washers

Karcher is a renowned brand, and they have a wide range of good products that are useful for our household cleaning works. Like Karcher multipurpose soap, this Car wash and wax soap is a bio-degradable product. It offers quicker and cleaner service to your cars, which makes this the best car wash system.

This soap rinses away all dirt and dust from your car and helps to retain the original luster of your vehicle. This soap offers you a beautiful wax-finished look to your cars. This is mainly designed for vehicles and will not be suitable for other surfaces like wood, stone, brick, or siding.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable product
  • It is a foaming soap that lasts long
  • It offers a flawless finish to your car


  • It will not be suitable for other surfaces because it has wax.


Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner

Simple green is a renowned brand among the various household cleaning products. Some of the older products of simple green give you a burning sensation in your nose due to their usage of harsh chemicals. But nowadays, it upgraded its production by using a non-toxic, bio-degradable formula, which will be helpful in cleaning.

It is fragrance-free and can be used to clean carpets, floors, equipment, and vehicles. This product isn’t great on non-porous surfaces. It helps remove dirt, grease, stains, and oil grime easily without much effort.


  • Effective cleaning
  • Meets the Standard of Green Seal GS-37
  • Bio-degradable
  • Perfect cleaning with no spots


  • Great for non-porous surfaces.


Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner

Oil eater cleaner is one of the best products available in the market which is suitable for all kinds of cleaning works.

It uses a high concentration formula, so it is suitable for all kinds of surfaces.

This can be used for household cleaning, Outdoor cleaning, Industrial cleaning purposes, and some restaurants.

It is helpful in cleaning your driveway, siding of the wall, walkway, carpets, etc.

In restaurants, this Oil eater soap is used for scrubbing the floor and can be used on any concrete surface.

In some cases, it may cause irritation to your nose and skin, which makes this product rated sixth on the list.


  • It is bio-degradable
  • Water-based and safe for usage in septic systems
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • It has a non-hazardous formula
  • It can be used on a variety of surfaces


  • It causes some irritation to your nose and eyes, so you should take any protective measures while using this product.


Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Pressure Washer Cleaner 

Oxy Solve Total Outdoor pressure washer cleaner is another product from the Simple green brand.

It can be used on various surfaces.

Oxy’s formulation contains peroxide, which is safe to use on wood, vinyl, fabric, wicker, and many other surfaces.

It is used to remove dust or dirt from green organic material like algae or moss.

In spite of having all the benefits, Oxy solve pressure has disadvantages like it may not be effectively used on a porous surface, and they require an extra amount of grease to complete the work as we expected.

This makes this product ranked 7 in the above-discussed list.


  • It is a very useful product for cleaning outdoor furniture, grills, and decks
  • Mix ratio is 20:1 gallon, which is last long enough and gets any job done
  • It is safe if accidentally ingested


  • It is not effectively used on walkways, driveways, and other stone /porous surfaces.
  • Vehicles cannot be washed using this pressure washer
  • It needs some extra effort to clean the oil mess.

Briggs & Stratton 6826 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

As the name denotes, it is a Multipurpose cleaner that is useful in cleaning outdoor spaces.

House siding, fence, driveway, and walkway can be cleaned using this Briggs & Stratton 6826 pressure washer.

This is a versatile cleaner that is very helpful in eliminating dirt, dust, and mold stains.

It provides you fulfillment in cleaning and performs its duty as you expected

It is limited to a 16:1 ratio. So, you would get 16 gallons from 1 gallon of this cleaner.

You have to refill the pressure often to get the job done.


  • It is a multi-purpose cleaner ideal for cleaning outdoor areas
  • No mixing is required as it is compatible with the direct soap system
  • Eliminate all dirt and dust effectively


  • No foaming
  • It requires a lot of time to get your products perfectly cleaned
  • Need to refill the pressure often
  • It is corrosive


How to Choose The Best Pressure Washer Detergents & Soaps

Home cleaning is a tedious job, and we require a lot of effort to make your home environment clean. If you are selling your house or renting out your property, you should hand over the property without any dirt or dust. That makes a good opinion, and it is easy to sell or rent out the property. Some of the factors to be considered while choosing the right pressure washer detergent or soaps that make your work easier. Here are some of the suggestions you have to keep in mind while picking up the best pressure washer detergents or soap.

Things to Consider When Choosing Detergent & Soaps

Detergent plays an important role in cleaning. Some may think only water is enough to get the job done, but when using detergent, it fast up the process and helps in removing dirt easier. There you don’t need any extra effort like scrubbing or cleansing.

Specific Task

One has to understand the need of a pressure washer in your home. If you are a labor who is working as a cleaner in different homes, then you have to choose it according to your requirements. If you are a house owner or you are renting your property, then make sure how often you require a pressure washer to clean your house.

Mostly for cleaning your garage door, your driveway, walkway, sidewalk, deck, or fence, you need a pressure washer. Some people clean it annually; some may clean up weakly, so choose the pressure washer according to your expectations.

You don’t need to spend much money when you are cleaning your house annually or once in 6 months. If you are using it daily, then that is a different scenario; you have to spend a little more to get the professional pressure washer to get your job done effectively. By considering all these factors you can choose the best detergent options and can know what kind of pressure washer you’ll need and the nozzles you will use the most.

Soap vs. Detergent

Usually, most people prefer detergent over soaps since it has unique and different properties. Detergent is a stronger, concentrated solution that works efficiently in cleaning all your household environment and helps in rinsing smoothly. But when you are using soap, it may cause smudging, streaking, spotting, etc, that double up your work.

Water type

You already know hard water and soft water have different characteristics. They work in their own way when it comes to cleaning. If your job needs to be done faster and effectively, then go for harder water. It will not leave you any dirt behind. When it comes to soft water, it may require a lot of human effort to make it clean. So considering the water type before choosing a pressure washer is recommendable.

Helpful Terminology

You have to analyze and get a clear cut idea of how the pressure washer works. Because one should know what soap and detergent should be used in the washer to get your job done quickly.

Some of the features like unloaders and thermal relief aid the lifespan of your pressure washer. They are helpful in reducing pressure and heat buildup inside the machine.

Detergents are mostly used in any pressure washer than soap because of their properties. Detergent makes the work easier, and that doesn’t need any extra effort to meet your expectations. It can be used in cleaning up bricks or stones. This will not leave any dirt or dust and cleans the surface effectively. Soap may lead to smudging, Spotting, etc.

Determining a Good Product

In some cases, even if you clean your home often with a pressure washer, you still have some leftover dirt that will spoil your home environment. Even when you water, scrub and scour, you will not be able to meet your expectations. In such cases, you have to check the ingredients and make sure whether the chemicals used in the soap or detergent are good enough to eliminate the dirt. You also should be aware of any leftovers once the cleaning is done.

Pressure and Cleaning Purposes

Pressure washers have the facility to check the ratings in the product. Before deciding on a soap or detergent, it is important to note the pressure ratings. This will help you to know if you can use a multi-purpose detergent on something like your car or if the pressure would be so high that any detergent would strip the vehicle’s paint.


When your environment is so dry, then there is a high chance for your house to get dirt. A light-duty pressure washer rated around 1300-1900 PSI and 2 GPM will be more than enough to get your job done. Lightweight pressure washers are useful in cleaning patio furniture, grills, vehicles, small decks, and patios. It is also helpful in-house siding, driveways, etc.


In case you are living in an area where you could find more pollen, that makes an issue. It is suitable for business and home use, a medium-duty pressure washer will rate around 2000-2800 PSI and 3 GPM, making it great for cleaning in all seasons to clear dust, dirt, grime, and stains from mold, mildew, algae, and moss. You can use these pressure washers if you want to do regular cleaning of your property in a multi-season environment.

Annual Cleaning

If you are planning to clean your house once a year, then you have to go for a heavy-duty pressure washer. Even if your rented new house is flooded with dirt or dust, these kinds of heavy-duty pressure washers help you in cleaning the house efficiently, and you can achieve the result as expected. For jobs like these, you would want a heavy-duty or extra-heavy-duty pressure washer, rated at 2800 PSI or more and 3-4 GPM.

When you are going to pick the heavy-duty pressure washer then, you have to make sure you really need that product. Because if you are going to just clean up your house and you don’t need to paint or remodel your house, then this heavy-duty water pressure might be too much. Be aware, choose wisely, and save your money.

Water Temperature

Both cold water and hot water can be used in pressure washers. Cold waters are most commonly known as most people use cold water in cleaning their household areas.

Cold Water:  Cold-water pressure washers are most common for home DIY use. They’re less expensive than hot-water washers and easier to use. If you are going with the cold water, then you have to keep the pressure washer settings. Coldwater will require more soap or detergent to get your job. So before choosing it, go through the chemical ingredients used in their product. That product should be capable of eliminating any dirt from it.

Hot water: People who are using the pressure washer on an industrial level can definitely go for Hot water. Because it is most effective than cold water, it offers you quick and good service. It is quite expensive when compared to cold water. They work faster than in colder water, and they need only a small amount of chemicals to get the job done. The temperature of your water is important when considering soaps and detergents to add to your pressure washer. Coldwater will not mix as well with soap or detergent, whereas hot water will more easily pick it up and carry the chemicals along to get the job done.

Final Verdict: 

Among all the above-discussed pressure washer soaps, the Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pressure Power Washer tops the list. Considering all the reviews, this Karcher power washer is suitable for any surface. When you understand the manufacturer’s guidelines and follow the proper steps, then this power washer soap is suitable for any pressure washer.

Krud Kutter DF01 Blue Pressure Washer Concentrate tops the list when it comes to budget. It is a budget-friendly product that can be affordable for anyone and get their job done. You know what you want to get cleaned, whether it’s your car or your house surfaces. This Krud Kutter washer provides you efficient performance as per your requirements in a cost-effective way.

Soaps are gentler than detergents, but soaps need extra effort as they leave behind dirt and require extra rinsing. Detergent is best for washing house siding, walkways, and porous surfaces like stone and brick. Good luck with finding the best product!

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