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A swimming pool is an occasional property. Generally, a swimming pool is active during summer and undergoes maintenance during the winter season. Apart from pool cleaners, pool cover pumps contribute a lot to pool maintenance. Although you have to pay extra for pool cover pumps, these are effective devices for keeping the pool clean and tidy.

If you are a pool owner, you can never skip using pool cover pumps. This device will reduce your maintenance cost to a great extent. In addition, you don't have to put extra effort for cleaning the pool. In this article, we are introducing a handful of pool cover pumps that deliver effective performance. Don't skip the buying guide at the bottom to get a better understanding about the pool cover pumps.

Table of contents

  1. Wayne 57729-WYNP Pool Cover pump
  2. Superior Pump 91330 Pool cover pump
  3. Little Giant PCP550 Pool Cover pump
  4. Fibropool Electric pool cover pump
  5. Little Giant 577301 Pool cover pump
  6. Splash pools Universal pool cover pump
  7. Blue Wave Dredger Jr Above ground pool cover pump

Best Pool cover pump available in market

1. Wayne 57729-WYNP Pool Cover pump

Any tool that saves time and effort is always on top priority. One of the reinforced thermoplastic pool cover pumps equipped with automatic technology is the Wayne 57729-WYNP Pool Cover pump. This pump is powered by iSwitch technology that automatically gets into the action when water is detected. In addition, it requires zero monitoring since the iSwitch shuts down the unit automatically when the water is completely drained from the pool cover.

A PSC oil-filled motor will deliver effective centrifugal action and improve the pumping action. It features automatic freeze protection to protect the appliance from bad weather conditions. Plus, there is a protective circuit inside the motor to avoid any damages.

Importantly, if the iSwitch detects any blockage inside the pump impeller, then halts the unit's function. Therefore, you can protect the motor from overheating and prevent internal component damages. However, a suction screen is placed at the bottom of the device to prevent debris like leaves and twigs from entering the chamber.

This pump comes with a 25-feet power cord that helps the pump to give maximum coverage on the pool cover. So, it is easy for the pump to move conveniently over the pool surface. Along with this, a pull-to-shore rope is included for better handling purposes.

Coming to the performance, the pump can drain out 3000 gallons of water per hour. The drain hose is about 1.25-inch, and the overall weight of the unit is just 6 pounds. Moreover, this pump is highly efficient and doesn't require lubricant like oil.

What we like in Wayne 57729-WYNP Pool Cover pump

  1. This device features an iSwitch technology that automatically stops the suction process after draining the water completely from the pool cover
  2.  The extension cord helps the pump to cover long distance
  3. The operation is super-quiet and eco-friendly
  4. This item is lightweight and weighs only about six pounds
  5. The motor performs powerful suction and drains out 3000 gallons of water per hour
  6. It consists of an iSwitch to detect any blockage inside the pump. If it detects any debris, it will stop the operation and protect the internal components from damage
  7. A suction screen will allow only the water to enter inside the chamber, thereby leaving the debris in the pool cover

Bestseller (lists)

Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump Everything Else

  • iSwitch technology turns pump on and off by sensing the presence of water
  • Plug in and leave the pump unattended for worry-free water removal
  • Strainer base filters debris to minimize clogging and keep pump from tipping over
  • Energy efficient, high flow, oil-free pump
  • Automatic freeze protection within the iSwitch technology to prevent pump damage
  • Auto On activates when water at, or above 2 1/8 in. has been detected. Auto Off activates when wat... Read More

2. Superior Pump 91330 Pool cover pump

The Superior pool cover pump delivers versatile performance. It is exclusively designed for filtering out the debris from the pool cover water. This model is equipped with a powerful motor that will drain excess water remaining in the pool cover. In addition, the motor has thermal shielding for safety purposes.

The motor can drain 2400 gallons of water per hour and maintain consistent performance throughout the working process. Very importantly, the motor can withstand bad weather conditions, dirt, and vibrations. A 10ft power cord is extremely flexible and helps the device to reach maximum distance. Plus, the 3/4inch hose adapter ensures effective suction. Apart from this, there is a suction screen at the bottom to prevent the debris from entering the chamber, thereby promoting effective working of the device.

What we like in Superior Pump 91330 Pool cover pump

  1. This model delivers effective performance by drain the excess water remaining on the pool cover
  2. A ventilation system inside the device will dissipate the heat properly and prevent the motor from overheating. Therefore, it guarantees longevity of internal components
  3. There are "O" rings around the motor to seal the oil leakage and protect the motor from water creeping into the motor
  4. The motor can drain an average of 2400 gallons of water per hour
  5. The construction is robust with premium quality internal components
  6. A proper ventilation system will protect the motor from overheating

Bestseller (lists)

Superior Pump 91330 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump with 10-Foot Cord

  • 1/3 HP Utility pump moves up to 2,400 gallons per hour; pump will lift water up to 25' of vertical height
  • Tough thermoplastic construction; 10' cord length
  • 1-1/4 inch NPT discharge for hight capacity pumping; includes 3/4 inch garden hose adapter
  • Removable suction screen and handles up to 1/8 inch solids
  • Superior Pumps are Built to Last, engineered with quality components and are 100% factory tested
  • Amps - 4.1... Read More

3. Little Giant PCP550 Pool Cover pump


Are you a person who loves putting things straightforward? Little Giant PCP550 Pool cover pump is a perfect choice for you. It is one of the best cover pumps that have a simpler operation without any complexity. Very importantly, it is a mid-sized pump that is apt for small pools. This cover pump is suitable for a round pool that ranges between 12ft to 24ft or a rectangular pool of 450ft or less. Each hour, it can drain 550 gallons of water and is very powerful compared to manual pumps.

The working operation is very simple. You have to connect a standard hose at the top of the unit to allow the device to cover maximum coverage. After that, you can place the unit in the center of the pool cover, where more water is accumulated. Then, connect the 25-ft powerful cord to the power outlet to pump the water from the pool cover. There is a filter screen at the side of the appliance that prevents debris like leaves, twigs, and other solid particles from entering the unit. This screen is easy to remove during maintenance. The pump is lightweight with a durable design and will move smoothly over the pool cover. This device is connected with a 25ft power cord for safe pumping. On the other side, the unit is connected to a 3/4inch garden hose to drain the water from the pool cover.

What we like in Little Giant PCP550 Pool Cover pump

1. The installation is easy and simple
2. The thermoplastic construction of the device withstand worst weather conditions
3. It is easy to clean, and maintenance cost is low
4. This unit is available at an affordable price and is perfect for small-sized pools

Bestseller (lists)

Little Giant 14942702 PCP550 Pool Cover Pump Swimming Pool Pump Accessories Patio, Lawn & Garden

  • POOL COVER PUMP: Manual pool cover pump removes standing water from pool covers and is ideal for household water transfer applications
  • THERMOPLASTIC PUMP: It has removable intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • MANUAL POOL PUMP: It has 25' power cord 550 GPH at 0' lift - 400 GPH at 3' lift, 25-foot power cord and 58 watts
  • EASY INSTALLATION: It has 3/4-inch garden hose connection for easy installation and 550-gallon per hour flow rate
  • LITTLE GI... Read More

4.Fibropool Electric pool cover pump

Another budget-friendly pool cover pump on our list is the Fibropool Electric pool cover pump. But it delivers powerful performance and is ideal for the winter season. It is highly resistant to rust and puts a full stop to bacterial growth. Its heavy-duty design makes it stand away from the crowd. All the key components are made of superior quality materials for improving durability. The robust thermoplastic exterior will protect the entire unit from external damages caused by bad weather and wind.

Importantly, this pump has the potential to handle extreme cold temperatures and never fails to deliver a stellar performance in freezing conditions. If the pump is placed in highly water-clogged areas, it will completely drain the water from the pool cover. During the filtration process, it will melt the snow and leave the debris on the pool cover.

This pump can drain out 600 gallons of water per hour with minimum heat drop. The highlight of this device is its safety features. It is equipped with a manual shut-off to quickly stop the working operation in case of any malfunction like motor overheating or any blockage due to debris. The unit comes with a 16-ft hose for supporting flexible pump movement. Moreover, the installation is simple and doesn't require any accessories, thereby saving your installation cost.

What we like in Fibropool Electric pool cover pump

  1. This is a lightweight model that doesn't put the pool cover down
  2. It is perfect for both above-ground and in-ground pool
  3. The pump's operation is very fast and can drain out 600 gallons of water each hour
  4. A 16-ft hose pump allows the pump to reach maximum distance
  5. It is available at a reasonable price

Bestseller (lists)

FibroPool Electric Swimming Pool Winter Cover Drain Pump (600 GPH) - 22 Foot Heavy Duty Kink-Proof Drainage Hose Patio, Lawn & Garden

  • Designed for both in ground and above ground pools. Durable, lightweight chassis will not weigh down pool covers
  • Pumps at a rate of up to 600 gallons per hour
  • 16 foot power cord plugs into any standard 110 volt wall outlet
  • 22 foot heavy duty kink-proof hose easily removes water from any pool depth
  • 75 Watts motor, Manual shut off... Read More

5. Little Giant 577301 Pool cover pump

Next in the queue is a highly effective pool cover pump. Little Giant 577301 pool cover pump has top ratings in terms of performance and durability. It has an in-built handle for shifting the pump to areas where there is water accumulation. At a glance, you will be impressed with its space-saving construction. It is lightweight and drains the water from the pool.

Though you are an amateur, you can easily install the pump. The 25-ft power cord is insulated for safety purposes. This length is more than enough to allow the device to reach great distances without any extension cable. With this setup, the average foe rate is about 1700 GPH. Note that the use of a 50-ft garden hose will drop the flow rate to 500 GPH. The pump is compatible with a garden hose that has a standard 0.75-inch connector. As a whole, it is an automatic pool cover pump that is lightweight and budget-friendly. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of 3 years.

What we like in Little Giant 577301 Pool cover pump

  1. The unit comes with a 25ft power cord for covering a greater distance
  2. It consists of an in-built handle for easy portability
  3. The item is lightweight and available at a reasonable price
  4. It comes with a warranty of three years
  5. A powerful ⅓ HP motor can drain 500 gallons of water per hour
  6. The unit is very compact, and the installation is very simple

Bestseller (lists)

Little Giant 577301 APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Submersible Pump, 1/3-HP, 115V, Blue Swimming Pool Water Pumps Patio, Lawn & Garden

  • EASY CLEAN with its removable intake screen for manageable maintenance.
  • EASY ACCESS to pump float for cleaning requires no tools or screws.
  • ERGONOMIC BUILT for portability and ease of placement and removal.
  • COMPACT SIZE for stability on pool cover with 3/4" Garden Hose Connection and a 25" Power Cord.
  • INTEGRATED FLOAT switch for reliable automatic operation and easily activates in 2" of water.
  • SIDE DISCHARGE for optimal water ... Read More

6. Splash pools Universal pool cover pump


Splash Pool Universal pool cover pump is a submersible pump that has multi-purposes. Apart from draining excessive water, it is also used for wet floors or in areas to clean after any water damage. The pump is compact and lightweight and is suitable for delicate pool covers. Since it weighs only about three pounds, it will not put the pool cover down.

The maximum flow rate of the motor is about 500 gallons per hour. The fast draining of water from the pool saves more time to enjoy inside the pool. A 24-ft power cable is flexible and allows the pump to cover a maximum distance on the pool cover. You can connect this pump to any standard electrical outlet. The installation is very simple and doesn't require any additional tools during the assembly process. Very importantly, it is well constructed to prevent any rust built-in and external environmental damages. So, you can expect an extended lifespan.

Adding a feather to the crown, you will get excellent customer support in case of any damages. The working operation is very quiet and is suitable for any pool or pool cover.

What we like in Splash pools Universal pool cover pump

  1. This unit is used for multi-purposes
  2. It can drain up to 500 gallons per hour
  3. It is compact and lightweight
  4. The 24-ft powerful cord is flexible and supports maxim coverage
  5. It has excellent customer support to assist you in case of any queries

Bestseller (lists)

500 GPH Universal Pool Cover Pump Swimming Pool Water Pumps Patio, Lawn & Garden

  • Submersible pump
  • Removes up to 500 gallons per hour
  • Uses standard electrical outlet
  • Many uses include pool covers, wet basements and ponds
  • Power cord length of 24 ft... Read More

7. Blue Wave Dredger Jr Above ground pool cover pump

Blue Wave Dredger pool cover pump is an automatic pump that is much suitable for above-ground pools. It is compact and lightweight and protects the pool cover from tearing or damage at corners. During winter, it can effectively melt the snow ice and drain the water from the pool. This pump will get rid of 350 gallons of water per hour. Hence, it can completely drain the water in less than an hour from a mid-sized pool cover.

This submersible pump comes with a garden hose, a 25-ft power cord, and an inlet filter. The 25-ft power cord is compatible with any electrical standard socket. The inlet filter will prevent debris like leaves, twigs, and other solid particles entering the pump. Therefore, you can avoid any blockage.

It features an automatic shut-off technology that stops the device's working if the water is completely drained from the pool cover. The pump has the potential to drain water within ⅛ inches of the pool cover. It plays an effective role despite extreme weather conditions. Once the suction process is over, we advise you not to leave the pump in the snow. It might cause damage and shorten the lifespan of the internal components.

What we like in Blue Wave Dredger Above ground pool cover pump

  1. The 25-ft power cord will allow maximum coverage of the pump
  2. It will drain about 350 gallons of water. Thus, it takes less time to drain the water completely from an average-sized pool
  3.  It comes with a one-year warranty
  4. This unit is lightweight and will not damage the pool cover
  5. The inlet filter will allow only the water inside the chamber
  6. It comes with one year warranty
  7. Apart from pool covers, it is also suitable for draining water from your basement, boats etc

Bestseller (lists)

Blue Wave Dredger Jr. 350 GPH Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump Swimming Pool Water Pumps Patio, Lawn & Garden

  • Pumps up to 350 gallons per hour; Manual on/off
  • Fully submersible
  • Includes reusable foam inlet filter and a stabilizing base platform
  • Removes water to within 1/8-inch deep
  • Includes garden hose adapter and 25-foot power cord... Read More

Buyer's guide

Generally, there are pros and cons in each product. You must always consider some of the important factors to choose the best pool cover pump from the market. We have listed down some mandatory factors to check before buying a cover pump. If you buy a new cover pump or replace an old one, this buying guide will definitely help you to find the best one.


As far as pool cover pumps are concerned, there are only a few brands on e-commerce sites. To be honest, all the available brands deliver effective performance. Some of the brands have pool cover pumps that are suitable for in-ground pools. In contrast, some pool cover pumps are used for both in-ground and above-ground pools. So, you can pick a pool cover pump based on your pool type.

Pumping capacity

Basically, the pump efficiency is determined in gallons per hour. Each pool cover pump will have a unique flow rate. You can pick a pool cover pump based on the surface area of the pool cover. You can aim to buy a pool cover pump with a flow rate of 1500 gallons per hour to drain the water in less than an hour from a large pool cover.

Automatic Vs. manual pool cover pump

Pool cover pumps are equipped with two types of mechanisms. You can either use a pool cover pump with an automatic mechanism or a manual mechanism. Pool cover pumps that have automatic features are known as automatic pool cover pumps. On the other hand, a pool cover pump that seeks manual help is called a manual pool cover pump.

It is always better to go with automatic pool cover pumps since they do not require manual help. Moreover, you don't have to go out after a rainy day to switch on or off the pump. In addition, these automatic pools cover pumps will automatically shut off the system after draining out excess water from the pool cover.

Size and weight

If your pool size is very small and your pool cover is lightweight, then you can choose a compact and lightweight pool cover pump. So, it will not tear the delicate pool cover. If you put a heavy pool cover pump inside a snow filled pool cover, it will collapse the cover thereby increasing the maintenance cost.

Hose Hookup

Some of the pool cover pumps come with their own hose. On the other hand, some brands don't offer hose. In that case, you can use a garden hose. You must check whether your garden hose is compatible with the unit. Otherwise, you have to buy a garden hose separately.

Power cord

Pool cover pumps work with electricity. So, each unit comes with a power cord. But each brand has its own cord length. It may vary from 16ft to 30-ft. You can choose a unit based on the pool size. For example, if you have a large pool, choose a cover pump with 30-ft power coded for maximum reachability.


Price varies based on the features and specifications. An average pool cover pump ranges between $30 to $150. If you want a cover pump with simple operation, then you buy budget-friendly cover pumps. In constant, you have to pay extra for top-end models.


Although there are expensive and affordable models in the market, you must consider some important factors for increasing the pump's lifespan. Some popular brands like Wayne, Little giant, Superior are best known for their quality models. It is very important to pay attention to the construction design and quality of the internal components.

Extra features

You must look for some extra features like cod length, debris filter, activation level, etc. The best pump will perform powerful suction when submerged under the water. Look for a durable inlet screen that allows only the water to enter inside the device. So, you can prevent debris blockage inside the chamber, thereby minimizing the maintenance cost.

Final thoughts

To summarize, pool cover pumps can effectively drain the water within a specific time. You can utilize this water for gardening. During the winter season, the pump with automatic features like iSwitch will automatically put the device into action when water is detected. In a similar way, the device will stop its working operation after draining out the water from the pool cover.

In this article, all the mentioned pool cover pumps are compact and lightweight. So, they are perfect for delicate pool covers. We hope that you have got better clarity on the working of each pool cover pump brand. Winter is fast approaching. Why wait? Grab your favorite pool cover pumps from e-commerce sites.


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