Best above ground pool reviews

   A house with an attached in-ground pool is a luxury. Never miss the enjoyment. Yes, you will get an exciting experience with the above-ground pool cleaners. You can set up this above-ground pool cleaner the minute you plan for a vacation. This pool cleaner is temporary happiness for those who have a dream of building a pool in their backyard. With above-pool cleaners, you don't have to waste time and effort digging your yard. Actually, above-ground pools have more advantages compared to in-ground pools. Like movie locations, you can change the pool locations. You can drain the water, dismantle and install the pool in your favorite location. The maintenance is simple and easy. These pools come with a filter system that will trap debris of any size. After the summer, you can store this above-ground pool inside your home.  

Why do we prefer above-ground pools?

Basically, the investment for above-ground pool cleaners is minimum. They don't require any accessories, plumbing, and decking. An inground pool is always expensive as the average cost is around $150000 for an ordinary 12x24 feet concrete pool with a boundary fence. In contrast, A 19ft above ground pool with a privacy fence costs around $3000. In-ground pools and above-ground pools are safe to use. But, above-ground pools are highly safe for children. Most of the above-ground pools come with ladders and walls for additional support. So, these supporting accessories are helpful for children to get into the pool without slipping. In-ground pools, you have to pay extra for additional safety measures like hardcovers and self-closing locks.  

Table of contents

  1. Intex 15ft x 48in above ground pool
  2. Summer Waves 10ft x 30 inch above ground pool
  3. Coleman 18 ft and 48 inch above ground pool
  4. Bestway 56680 steel-made above ground pool
  5. Intex 32ft x 16ft x 52 inch above ground pool
  6. Intex Oval Prism frame above ground pool
  7. Bestway 56417 steel above ground pool

 Best 8 above ground pool available in the market


1. Intex 15ft x 48in above ground pool

    If you are looking for an above-ground pool with more stability and durability, Intex 15ft x 48in the above-ground pool is a good pick. The steel exterior will firmly place the pool even when it is full of water. So, you don't have to worry about the collapse of the pool when too many people enter the pool. The pool cleaner is 48inch above the ground, and the diameter is about 15ft. This dimension is more than enough for a family of four members to spend quality time in the pool. The walls are laminated to prevent rust build-up and dirt accumulation. So, it is very easy to maintain this pool. The notable feature is that the installation is simple and doesn't require any additional equipment while assembling the unit. From unboxing to the complete setup, it takes only 45 minutes, which is incredible. Unlike other above-ground pools, you don't have to wait for a long time to fill the water after assembling the parts. This pool can hold about 4400 gallons of water that will fill about 90% of the pool. Very importantly, the water circulation is even, and there are accessories that help to fill the pool with water. The pool comes with a Krystal clear cartridge filter pump that has a capacity of about 1000gallon per hour. In addition, you get a ladder that makes the entry and exit easier. A 3-ply pool cover will prevent dirt accumulation inside the pool.

What we love in Intex 15ft x 48in above ground pool

  1. This unit has a standard dimension of 15ft diameter and 48-inch depth. So, it is perfect for a backyard of any size
  2. The installation is simple and takes only about 48 minutes. Once the installation is over, the pool is ready to use
  3. It comes with a DVD for a better understanding of the assembling process
  4. The unit comes with supporting accessories like a ladder, pool cover, filter pump, and a ground cloth
  5. Since the pool has a metal frame, the maintenance is easy
  6. The pool's ground floor and sidewalls are laminated to avoid rust and debris
  7. The three ply pool will keep the water healthy. So, it is safe for kids

2. Summer Waves 10ft x 30 inch above ground pool

   Generally, the cost varies based on the pool size. It is not easy to buy an 18ft pool at an affordable price. But, it is possible with Summer wave pool manufacturers. You can get an 18ft pool with high-end safety features at an affordable price. Summer waves above-ground pool come with a 10ft diameter and rise about 30inch above the ground. It is very spacious so that four people can occupy the pool and enjoy playing sessions. It is a perfect fit for backyards for any size, and the installation is flexible. The highlight of this pool is, it is inflatable with air. Unlike other above-ground pools, there are no frame legs. The setup is easy and can hold 608 gallons of water. For safety purposes, it comes with a D-filter cartridge to trap debris like leaves, sand, and twigs. In addition, the in-built chlorinator will protect the pool water from infectious pathogens and keep the pool healthy. Keep the pets away from the pool since its nails can scratch the plastic walls and cause a leak.

What we love in Summer Waves 10ft x 30inch above ground pool

  1. The setup is quick and easy
  2. This above ground pool comes with a 608-gallon of water capacity
  3. The D-cartridge will trap the debris like leaves and twigs whereas the chlorinator will protect the pool from harmful germs and insects
  4. This pool is inflatable and doesn't need any additional tools during the installation process
  5. It is available at an affordable price

3. Coleman 18 ft and 48 inch above ground pool

    Coleman above ground pool takes your swimming experience to the next level with in-built portholes. These portholes are very much helpful for the parents to monitor their kids. Very importantly, the portholes are sealed to avoid any water leaks. This above-ground pool is constructed using a highly corrosion-resistant steel frame. As a safety measure, the seal and lock are made of durable material and are well secured, especially for kids. Very importantly, the unit is made of 3 ply leakproof Tritech linen material for improved durability. The installation is quick and simple. No tools are required for assembling the parts. With a dimension of 18 feet and 48 inches, the water capacity of the pool is about 6092gallons. Inside the pool, the walls are covered with rattan wicker print to give an attractive finish. Therefore, the design blends with the background surroundings. This unit comes with a ladder, pool cover, and a filter pump.

What we love in Coleman 18 ft and 48inch above ground pool

  1. The rattan wicker print is very attractive and blends well with any backgrounds
  2. It is easy to monitor kids activities inside the pool through the portholes
  3. A 3 ply Tritech material liner is durable and safe for kids
  4. The steel frame is rust-free and corrosion resistant
  5. It is equipped with a seal and lock system to prevent any water leaks
  6. This above ground pool cleaner has a ladder, pool cover, and a filter pump

4. Bestway 56680 steel-made above ground pool

    Since the above-ground pools have high demands in the online markets, the price graph is also upright. But, Bestway 56680 above ground pool is an exception. You can enjoy all the top-end features without whipping a huge amount from your credit card. These inflatable pools are more stable with improved durability. The unit comes with a 3-ply PVC support and steel frames that are corrosion resistant. The PVC support bands will keep the steel frame in place to prevent any water leakage. Coming to the installation, the assembly does not require any tools. There is an adjustable flow keeper valve that drains the excess water from the pool. This round pool is about 12ft in diameter and is very spacious for four people. Since the pool is only one foot above the ground, it is very easy to get in or out of the pool without using a ladder. The water capacity of this pool is about 1170 gallons, and it takes less than two hours to fill the pool using durable pumps. Importantly, the steel frame is coated with an erosion-resistant layer to protect the above ground pool from harmful UV rays and rust built-up. Although the steel frame has good strength, the inside walls are soft and don't harm anyone. So, it is highly safe for children and avoids any injuries when they accidentally hit the walls. The whole unit, including the built-in pump and filter, weighs only about 50 pounds.

What we love in Bestway 56680 steel-made above ground pool

  1. The pool diameter is about 12 feet and rises about one foot above the ground level.
  2. It is easy to get in or out of the pool without using a ladder\
  3. The unit weight only about 50 pounds with filter and in-built pump
  4. The steel frame is durable and is coated with an erosion-resistant layer for sun protection
  5. This above ground pool is budget-friendly

5. Intex 32ft x 16ft x 52 inch above ground pool

      An above-ground pool that comes with impressive design and standard dimensions is the Intex ultra-rectangular pool system. It is equipped with a powerful saltwater system and hydro aeration. The former will adjust the salinity level that is comfortable for the pool users. So, there is no excessive salt accumulation on the pool, thereby avoiding corrosion near the pool corner. The latter will improve the water circulation inside the pool and improve oxygenation. In addition to this, the produced negative ions will rest on the debris and increase the water clarity.  The unit comes with a 34-ft ground cloth to cover the bottom of the steel frame. Plus, there is a pool cover, and its rope is tied to the sides of the frames to avoid blowing off. Apart from this, a filter pump can fill the 2650 gallons of water per hour. This above-ground pool requires only backwashing to remove the sand deposits. So, the maintenance is easy. The highlight of this unit is its exterior look. It comes with a blue checked print to give a classic finish. It comes with a warranty of 24 months.

What we love in Intex 32ft x 16ft x 52inch above ground pool

  1. The hydro aeration technology will maintain consistent water flow and increase the production of negative ions
  2. Using the saltwater system, you can adjust the salinity level based on your convenience
  3. The blue-checked printed design gives a classic look to the pool
  4. It comes with a warranty of two years
  5. The unit comes with a filter pump, pool cover, and a ladder
  6. The standard dimensions are enough to immerse an adult of average height

6. Intex Oval Prism frame above ground pool

  Generally, above-ground pools are available in round or rectangular shapes. So, if you want to try a different design, then the Intex Oval Prism frame above ground pool is a perfect choice for your backyard. As the name suggests, this above-ground pool is oval-shaped with soft edges. So, you can spend your valuable time with your family and friends during summer vacation. The unit is designed with a powerful steel tube to give ultra-protection to the pool. A 3-ply corrosion-resistant material is used to build the inner walls, thereby increasing the durability of the pool's boundary. This above-ground pool is powered by hydro aeration technology. It improves the water circulation and keeps the water crystal clear by removing the negative ions. These negative ios will flow and attach to the debris remaining inside the pool. So, a pool cleaner will trap the debris during the cleaning session. The highlight of this above-ground pool is its vast area. It is very spacious as like an in-ground pool, but available at a cheaper rate. In addition, maintenance is very easy. This pool comes with anti-slippery ladders to prevent any accidents. Apart from this, there is a filter cartridge to catch the floating debris, and it is easy to clean. The 120V filter pump can pump the water at a rate of 4466Iph and fill the pool at a rate of 1500 gallons per hour. This pool comes with a detachable ladder, a filter pump, ground cloth, and a debris cover. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of 12 months.

What we love in Intex Oval Prism frame above ground pool

  1. The unit comes with a durable construction
  2. The anti-slippery ladders are removable
  3. It consists of a filter cartridge that requires minimum maintenance
  4. The hydro aeration technology will maintain a consistent water flow and eliminates the negative ions from the pool
  5. This above ground pool is very spacious

7. Bestway 56417 steel above ground pool

    The best above-ground pool that is ideal for an average-sized backyard is the Bestway 56417 steel above-ground pool. The installation is easy and simple. So, the maintenance work is easy. The steel frame is durable and will not collapse when the pool is filled with 90% water. This frame is coated with an erosion-resistant layer to prevent any damages. So, this pool can withstand high temperatures. Very importantly, the 3-ply PVC material comes with good strength and has an extended life span. Although this above-ground pool is budget-friendly, there is no compromise in the frame quality. It weighs only abut 220 pounds and has a standard dimension of 24x20x53 inches. The inner soft walls come in blue and the exterior is grey. Using a control valve, it is very easy to drain the pool within minutes. The water capacity is about 6092gallons. It comes with a ladder and a pool cover.  

What we love in Bestway 56417 steel above ground pool

1.The durable steel frame is corrosion resistant 2.It is available at an affordable price 3. It requires minimum maintenance, and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete the installation process

Types of Above ground Pools

In total, there are five types of above-ground pools in the market. They are categorized based on price, performance, and durability.


The resin pool always tops the table with its outstanding functionality. The premium quality resin pools are made from Synflex resin. But you have to pay extra to get a Synflex resin above-ground pool. You can also get resin pools at cheaper rates with limited features. But they also satisfy the customers with its durability. These resin above-ground pools are exclusively designed for saline water.


From the name, you can guess that these above-ground pools are a combination of two materials. Yes, it is made of steel and resin to increase the strength of the pool. It is reliable and durable. The perfect combination of steel and resin gives a modern finish to the pool.


Most of the above-ground pools are steel-made and are widely preferred by customers across the globe. Steel is best known for its improved durability. This type of above-ground pool is perfect for those who look for a spacious pool within the budget. Moreover, it is very easy to install and charges low maintenance costs.


These aluminium-made above-ground pools come with continuous aluminum sheets covering the accessories like valves and inner walls. Like resin above ground pool, it is perfect for saltwater and will protect the pool from rust built-up. The aluminium above-ground pools are available at an affordable price.

Semi-in ground

These types of pools have their half body buried inside the ground. You can go for this type if your backyard is sloppy. It will enhance the beauty of your backyard.  

Buying guide

You must look into certain factors before buying an above-ground pool. And also, you must list down the expectations first and then select an above-ground pool.


You must measure your yard size before choosing the above-ground pool. Since we buy the product online, you must check whether the above-ground pool is perfect for your backyard. Otherwise, it is a waste of money. And also, the people's count is very important. An above-ground pool with a 15ft diameter and 48-inch depth is apt for four people. On the other hand, you can go to large pools if you are planning for a party with many people.


Safety is always the first priority. Since kids play inside the pool, you must ensure safety features like soft inner walls and supporting ladders. The soft inner walls will prevent any injuries when you hit the walls accidentally. The anti-slippery ladders ensure a safe entry and exit.

Installation and maintenance

Generally, above-ground pools are portable. So, you can change the chilling locations based on convenience. These above-ground pools take very less time for installation. Therefore, maintenance cost is minimal. Plus, there is no requirement for additional tools for assembling the parts.


Look for accessories like heaters, cleaners, ladders, pool covers, and pool lights. For example, the water heaters are necessary for maintaining a constant temperature throughout the playing session.

Filter pumps

You must buy an above-ground pool with a powerful filter pump. These pumps circulate the water and keep the pool clean by trapping debris and pathogens.


As a whole, an above-ground pool is a wise choice for those looking for budget-friendly pools. Unlike in-ground pools, the maintenance and installation are very simple and cost-effective. The durable steel frame is corrosion-resistant and protects the internal parts from harmful UV rays. From this article, we guess that you might have gained knowledge on various types and brands. Check out the specifications of the product on e-commerce sites before placing the order.                        

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