Review Process

Reviews are valuable to our readers. At Pool Cleaner Reviews, we believe that honest and informative reviews are a critical part of consumer research and means informing readers.

Pool Cleaner Reviews’ reviews are established on the idea of updates. If a product changes in a substantive way or a manufacturing flaw is discovered, we will update our review making sure you have all of the latest information available.

We strive to act in what we consider the best interest of the consumer while being as fair as possible to the manufacturers who put a lot of time into creating the products you buy.

How We Score Products

Pool Cleaner Reviews uses a 5-point scale with half point intervals. Products are not scored until a report is written and finalized. We do not write with scores in mind.

Our Philosophy

While money is obviously an important consideration, our reviews reflect the premise that quality and value are paramount. We try to help you make informed decisions on getting the best product available. The breakdown of our scores below elaborates further on that.

How We Rate Products

A score of 5 is the highest recommendation we can give. 5s represent the best in price, quality, value, features, and service.

A 4 is a fantastic product that can be recommended without much in the way of qualification. They may not innovate or have a unique set of features but do the job with competent execution.

Threes are good products, and easily recommendable with caveats in mind. They’re examples of consistently sound features well-developed around a functional core. A product that executes well even when there are better contemporaries.

A two is the lowest score a working product can get. These fail in design, execution, and essential functionality.

A 1 indicates that the product doesn’t properly function. Most reasonable people will not be able to use this product due to technical, design, and execution problems.