Our Reviews Are Different

You’re here because you’re smart. That’s why we want you on our side. You’re not duped by other pay-for-placement ‘comparison’ sites.

We see our integrity as a win-win. You get straightforward, honest and reliable robotic pool cleaner reviews; we earn your respect and, hopefully, your loyalty. Our aim is that, one day, you’ll buy products via our referral links to help fund our good work.

First though – before respect or loyalty – comes trust. Here are the key reasons why we’re different:

Power to the People

Our reviews are meant to help you research and choose the product that’s right for you. This means you need the ability to compare products across a variety of features and requirements.

Our Reviews Are Honest & Real

We’re all about the long-term relationships, so it’s necessary that you don’t get duped when you’re on our site.

Customer/User Reviews

Every review is moderated. Our team can smell out an inauthentic review at fifty paces. Reviewers must supply a full name for publication.

We Don’t Play Pay-for-Placement

Yes, we have an ‘advertising’ page, but we make clear it’s for selling banner ads etc – not recommendations. We don’t play games with our rankings.

Ads Are Clearly Marked

We aim for every ad on our site to be clearly labeled as such.

Our Ethos

Our business model is different from 99.9% of reviews sites for one simple reason: We believe in long-term relationships.

Honest reviews that help you find the right product means a more profitable business for us in the long run. If you can’t find honest and helpful information now – why would you ever come back?

Our hope is that you’ll use our site time and again.

Our Dream Scenario

You want a great product. You use our information to find the perfect product for you. Before too long, you’ll need additional supplies or an upgrade. You’ll remember how valuable we were and will visit us again. Because you like the service, you’ll follow one of our unique links to make your next purchase.

Then you’ll go and recommend us on your 50,000 subscriber blog (this is our dream, remember?)

How You Can Help…

The referral fees we receive are how we survive as a company. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and we can keep delivering the same high-quality service.

And if you did actually blog about us? Well, endorsements like that count for so much, so you’d directly be supporting us in our efforts to make the world a better place. It’s the second best thing you can do for us after buying via our site.