Ecojet Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner $699

Ecojet Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The EcoJet Plus gives consumers many reasons to smile. It’s heavy on quality and light on both the environment and the budget—a rare combination in any industry. It is an exciting new product in the line of pool cleaners from Aqua Products, Inc. because of its energy-efficient and eco-friendly design. By providing the same services as a pool’s main filter system, the EcoJet allows pool owners to virtually retire their pools’ main filtration system; this provides a significant savings in energy usage and costs. Also, because of the way it pumps and filters the water, chemicals are mixed and used more efficiently, thus decreasing the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool clean by up to 30%. It conserves water and energy and cuts down the impact to both the environment and the pocketbook.

This is all accomplished by a vacuum pump located on the underside of the cleaner. It takes a mere fraction of the normal energy required (as little as 1/30th compared to traditional pool cleaners) to move the water. Using an Ecojet pool cleaner, instead of your pools’ main filter prevents both water and chemical evaporation, conserving thousands of gallons of water a year and reducing your pools’ chemical consumption.

But the EcoJet Plus does not simply make sense because it is eco-friendly. It makes sense because it is an exceptionally high quality cleaner. In cleaning performance, the EcoJet Plus matches or exceeds the quality and performance of the Aquabot Turbo T-Series models. The engineering is sound with a few differences worth mentioning: the drive belt system has been replaced by wheels. This difference makes EcoJet models more effective in cleaning any shape of pool that has a bowl-like structure. The EcoJet Plus is “60° Certified”, which means it can climb walls with a gradual sloping transition from floor to wall of up to 60°, but many users have documented it easily climbing walls with a 90° slope.

This cleaner also offers state-of-the-art power-washing jets, which spray a high-pressure flow towards the surface, lifting debris easily so that the vacuum ports can clean it up. These power-washing jets are unique to AquaProducts cleaners and are a proven technology that increases the longevity of the cleaner and its components by minimizing stress to moving parts. In addition to the power-washing jets, the EcoJet Plus uses a guide brush which directs larger debris towards the vacuum ports.

Based on its performance, its eco-friendly specs, great consumer reviews, maintenance-free design, and its price, the EcoJet PLUS receives our highest rating for in-ground pool cleaners. It will save you time, energy, and will more than pay for itself within 1 year by slashing energy and pool maintenance costs.


The Ecojet Plus does a superior job of keeping your pool clean at the most efficient rate ever! At a rate of up to 4800 gallons per hour, the Ecojet Plus vacuums and filters out large leaves, twigs, sand, algae and bacteria directly into the pool cleaner’s 19 quart internal micro-filter bag. Uniquely different from all other conventional pool cleaners, the Ecojet uses a sweep brush in combination with hydro-powered scrubbing jets to make your pool sparkle. The Plus comes with a 2 year full warranty.

An internal, microprocessor-guided drive motor directs EcoJet Plus to systematically clean any residential pool up to 50′ in length from floor to waterline and everything in between without wasting time trying to “learn your pool”, repeatedly cleaning the same area or missing spots altogether.

EcoJet Plus’ intelligent efficiency reduces as much as 50% of the wear and tear other cleaners incur and cleans pools up to twice as fast, which translates into less operating hours and cost, greater reliability and lower maintenance needs, (wear and tear is cut in half.)

The internal reusable filter bag removes everything from large leaves and coins to hair, sand and even microorganisms 10x smaller than what most pool filters can, to ensure the healthiest swimming water, decrease pool filter use as much as 50%, chemical consumption up to 30%, and usage of heat pumps and solar blankets saving energy.

The EcoJet Plus does a great job cleaning and climbing all pool surfaces including side walls with up to a 60 degree gradual sloping incline, and has been documented climbing 90 degree walls if they have a gradual enough slope.

Update (July 14th, 2014): As we’ve seen the price on this great cleaner drop we decided it would be appropriate to update the ratings. When we originally reviewed the EcoJet Plus it was $1020, recently we’ve seen it for $899 or even as low as $699. For those prices or anywhere in between, the EcoJet Plus is moving back into the top of our charts for value and price. It’s hard to get a better cleaner for that price.


  • Manufacturer: Aqua Products
  • Power Source: Electric-51 ft. Cord
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Cleans: Pool Floor, Sidewalls, And Waterline
  • Filter: Internal Mesh Filter
  • Suction Rate 4,800 gal per hour
  • Drive System: Single Jet-Drive Brushless Motor
  • Remote Control: No
  • Cycle Time: 1 hour
  • Weight: 12 lbs.

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