Ecojet Explorer Robotic Pool Cleaner $300

Ecojet Explorer Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The Ecojet Explorer is the newest above-ground robotic cleaner from Aqua Products, Inc., and it is designed to help pool owners sit back and enjoy the pool with nothing to worry about except what to do with all the time and money they saved.

Reviewed for everything from cost-effectiveness to efficiency and longevity, it excels beyond the competition. This is mainly due to the advanced engineering of the entire line of Ecojet cleaners from Aqua Products. The Ecojet Explorer cleaning time averages 30 minutes, and it cleans over footprints and wrinkles in the liner without an issue, an ability that is uncommon with other cleaners.

The valve body is designed similarly to other Ecojet and Aquabot Jet units, so long-term durability is not a concern. The unit has a single-driven and sealed motor which is water-cooled and does a great job of efficiently powering the valve assembly. The wheels are strictly guided and balanced to keep the unit centered and to prevent it from tipping upside down (because no one likes a dead robot floating in their pool). The Explorer has a customized axle that can actually manage to climb above-ground pool surfaces that have a gradual incline from the deep end.

With regular use of the Ecojet Explorer, the pool water’s ph and chlorine levels stabilize, and much of the filtering work is done by the cleaner leaving pool owners with almost no maintenance work besides cleaning the filter bag. The Ecojet Explorer comes with a one-year full manufacturer’s warranty backed by Aqua Products, Inc.

For the reasonable price tag of $309.00, a buyer cannot go wrong with an Ecojet Explorer.


The easiest, fastest and most efficient way to clean your dish-bottomed pool.

You bought a swimming pool to have fun – not to give yourself more work. Maybe you find yourself spending time cleaning the pool instead of swimming and enjoying it. Or maybe you bought one of those pool cleaners that work off your pool filtration system. Because your above-ground pool filtration system was only designed to filter your pool water and not to vacuum and clean your pool floor, you may have noticed that the filtration system doesn’t do a very good job and requires constant cleaning. Besides, those bulky hoses get tangled; you’ve got to drag them out of storage, hook them up to the intake valve, and the cleaners tend to get stuck on the ladders, stairs, seams, drains and footprints. Get yourself a Ecojet Explorer today and enjoy complete, effortless pool cleaning at the touch of a button!


  • Manufacturer: Aqua Products
  • Power Source: Electric-40 ft. Cord
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Cleans: Pool Floor
  • Filter: Self Contained
  • Suction Rate 4,800 gal per hour
  • Drive System: NA
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Cycle Time: 30 Minutes
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

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